Incalculable Judgement.

I have done many wrong things. Things such as stealing or fraud, battery or torture even rape and betimes murder. But these things remain locked away within my psyche, perhaps perceived though never dealt. But at what point does fantasy become reality? And when will the time come when our imaginations override our controls, and … Continue reading Incalculable Judgement.

Consistent coincidence!

It seems a consistent struggle, as crawling from my dreadful blankets of a morn, thank christ I survived the night, but then again if I hadn't, this wouldn't happen daily as it does. Not even the clouds would greet me any more, and the pigeons kept their distance from my secluded begging spot. Not allowed … Continue reading Consistent coincidence!

A “Brexit” view/review.

Looks good? Make sense? A view of Britain's European Exit. Written by Kerutos, so it can be displayed for the world to scrutinize. Britain’s European Exit has been misrepresented from the start both intentionally and incidentally. There must be an identifiable and rational procedure to sift the confusion into sense. To make just and democratic … Continue reading A “Brexit” view/review.