Tis the solctice.

Hello all, as most of us know it is the winter solstice, where giving, sharing and the warm thoughts of “thank god it’s not going to get and darker” come to play and I want to share The Solstice Message, excellently written by D.M.Kerutos, he has a website at www.viosimos.com.

So here goes.


It is not only that the annual transit of the Earth about the Sun provides the highlights of the seasons with the two equinox and solstice events which then give us a prompting to break from our routines to celebrate for the sake of an excuse more substantial than the fantastic demands of the gods and their advocates, but that the movement of the seasons determine the activities of communal-man to provide for the society with continuous toil directed by the sun through those seasons and so that we till and sow, protect and nurture, reap and harvest, share and thrive.


There is much to celebrate but much more to attend when we reflect from our festivities of our negligence and see that solitarily, or in their multitude, people in dispersed communities are labouring under dreadful persecution and desperate deprivation and all of whom are in our sights but should be in our care. The world’s treasure and its abundance are not equally spread where many of its people find themselves isolated in barren and hostile lands, or even ghettos of rejection within our own domains.


Our responsibility is to ensure our continued good health so that we may jointly cater for the less advantaged, lest any be excluded from the fruits of Earth by our own self-indulgent strategies of affluent contentment.


Greed, waste and exclusion are a perverse contradiction of the nature of life in an interactive world where sharing and interdependence are the essentials of existence for Man and Earth to thrive.


The Solar Highlights of the year are for the sharing festivals in acknowledgement of Man’s united interaction with the Earth for the sake of his survival.



There is no better reason or opportunities to celebrate.


The Vernal Equinox

The warming season for germination, birth and nurture.


The Summer Solstice

The longer days of growth and ripening to maturity.


The Autumnal Equinox

The culmination of the year in harvesting the yield and distributing the produce.


The Winter Solstice

The time for sharing the store in a dormant land when survival may be tested.


In all these seasons Man’s endeavour turns in time with the same wheel as the World and even when we find our labours seemingly separated from nature’s engine, turning the soil may become a metaphor for our common enterprise.


The Earth and the Moon have hurtled together in orbit about the Sun countless circuits before the people’s imagination was tempted by a kaleidoscope of diverse gods to distract them from the true values of their existence, yet most of Man still sing their praises and raise their glasses to the contrivance of myth and the flimsy icons of whimsy culture more than celebrate the tangible proofs and welfare of life on Earth, and which imbalance we would do better to correct to the alternative emphasis.


Then gather your wider community of Brethren together to join the celebrations, and what a time we shall have!


The Solar Year.




I hope you all enjoyed that.


Part of the cold, how long will she last?

Today I made a very noticeable eight-foot high snow lady for fun and to see what modifications she would endure, still fun.

The original.

Take a look at her after I left for thirty minutes in the elements and for the elephants.P1100164 Some noticeable modifications after Just thirty minutes.

After twenty-four hours.P1100169Now just a pile of snow.

So what have we observed?

Due to its prominent nature, it is likely to gain attention from all angles, as I was making her lots of people stopped, took photos and made comments, comments of encouragement and some witful but not all wise, now if we consider how many people pass by. It is a primary route from local pubs a large local school to local housing estates and is a park used by many dog-walkers.

Do I think bad of people who broke my masterpiece?

No, it is just what they think, what actions they feel appropriate and what actions they think clever or funny. Some take photos, others add masculine appendages and many smash the fucking thing to pieces!

So what do you’s think then?

To all the wasps.

Hello all,

There is a wasps nest  on the Grand Union Canal, and I cycle past it every day and often stop to marvel at its complexity, but today I cycled past as usual, and the Canal And River Trust (C-A-R-T) had put a load of bright orange tape around it and a big melodramatic sign with a picture of a wasp on it and saying,: “caution wasps nest”, now, I thought this is a sign of madness, it baffled me, I thought how could we become so detached from the natural world, someone must have reported this to C-A-R-T, but who and why and how could they bring them self  to do it, that amazing wasp’s nest is very likely to be killed in the not too distant future.

Sorry, my first post is a ranting one, but hopefully a poignant one.