Information Optics.

It’s an optical illusion, a mirage contradicting reality.

For now, our own mirage is opening up in front of our instincts forcing us to unsavoury paths, towards affluence and greed, opening the gap between lust and need.

The fruits are there but I want two, and there’s no chance of help because I’m not helping you, the luck is in life, though, not a life we need, the hope is in the writing, but not the right we heed.

The joke is in the laughter but you’re laughing at a wall, the context comes thereafter and we don’t laugh at all.

Do you feel the pressure, the pressure of appearance, and do you hold back because you fear it?

Who is better you or a sceptre, usurp your loyalty, for it seems just a gesture.

Poke, we heard a poignant message poke me in the eye, it’s cheap to think of wealth though worthless to think that you’re a lie.
But who are you to think cheaply, so think for value and for all those who need it.

Are you in a cloud, but its silver lining’s burnt black, did you fill your pockets with its cosmic jewels with hopes of getting home, did you steal away its light and leave a lightning track, hope no one saw me stealing my life back, for now, someone’s left without one cause your conscience was out of tack.

And a different strain of thought is growing on the lawn but its growing in the darkness, it’s not ready for the dawn, so you treat it to a light bulb and it ripens to a nightmare, slaughtering the cause, to make room for more.

Now I might be quenched, though scared beyond all reason. Because burning me seemed the only way to change direction of the treason.

And you can tell I’m tight, telling back this tale.
Though every blow I fight gets lost in its swell.

And I think it’s mad, but not as it could be.
Comparing all thing’s the best named good see?
Does this shock you, are you not just the same.
Carve it out in your book, don’t feel any shame?

See this mask that I put on before I write this.
Doesn’t error in these thoughts, note what our plight is?

It makes no difference what we think, its action that concludes.
We may scorn a scroll, but don’t ever act on time’s preludes.

Now, I wrote some of this quite a while ago.
As a couple of my readers probably well know.

So I hope you all enjoyed reading this, and if you feel inspired to leave a comment, then do so.

So please “like” and “follow” me.

Also, I shall try and commit to more regular entries.

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