Attention To Detail, And A Beeping Slag.

Who, would do that.

I was walking through town a couple of days ago, and I met an acquaintance of mine, who is homeless, all he has in the world right now is a tent and a sleeping bag, I have been helping him as much as I can recently and I often meet him in town, well this time when I met him, he was very distraught, so I asked him what was wrong and he told me that someone had burnt his tent down and stolen his sleeping bag, it hit me like a hammer, someone had burnt this man’s home and stolen his sleeping bag, it is now getting dark and the night, that he now has to spend without a tent or sleeping bag, is getting cold.

If someone burnt your house down, you would call the police, and they would do everything they can to arrest the guilty for arson, and the more the property is worth the more effort they put in to help, right?

But would the police help him!
No they wouldn’t.

Is this right!

Well obviously I went home, found a sleeping bag of mine and gave it to him, I also helped scrape twenty-five pounds together to buy him a new tent.

But the question I have is, what type of monster would do that?
I think it sad enough that he can sit by the street and ask people for small change for hours without getting anything when Leighton buzzard is a fairly affluent town. It also seems that those with less money go further to help while those with more money tend not to be as directly charitable. I say tend because this is not always correct, but people who have suffered or understand what its like to suffer, are usually more direct with their charity. It is also about appearance. It often appears that it is more respectable to give money to charity then it is to give money directly to those who need it.

But back to the “who” question. I have no idea. He has no reason to be hated by anyone, he is so polite, he doesn’t like asking for money because he thinks it’s a bit rude, he’s a qualified hairdresser for goodness sake, though no one will employ him because he is on the streets and he can’t get off the street because he has no job!

Well, what can we do?

To start with we can be there for those on the streets, even if you have no money to give, just talk to them and be there, if you do have money to spare give it to those who need it, although is can be difficult to know who actually need’s it. I have known some people that go begging on the streets because it can be a profitable way to spend the afternoon if you are good at it! Don’t believe me? Well I have seen it and had it confirmed. There is a middle aged lady who lives and works in a town not far away she puts on messy clothes, jumps on the train and makes for a town a useful distance away then begs in that town, but I still think she might need this money, but not as much as those with nothing.

Though there are many cases I have not covered and different situations still in the shadows, people need help, and we all have the power to help.

Be good, be strong and if you have strength left, give it to those without.

Our world is full of cruelty. Let us strive to make it better.

Please like and comment. I would love to hear your views, this is a growing problem and we need to come together and help.

45 thoughts on “Attention To Detail, And A Beeping Slag.

  1. A very important message. It makes me so angry to hear about the messed-up craziness of people and sad that your friend had to bear the brunt of it. We all need to come together to make the world a better place.

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it.
      You are quite welcome, it is a good blog, are you new to blogging or have you just started a new one?
      I am fairly new to blogging, I have had this account for a while but done nothing with it.

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      1. I’m 12 and you?Also i’ve got khan academy and i do grammer I just type really fast i’m so sorry!πŸ‘ŒπŸ€©β˜Ί

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      2. Okay, I wasn’t sure, Autumn is a good but slightly different name.
        I’m eighteen, in actual fact, you are probably a better writer than I, you certainly come up with more consistent content.
        I write really slowly, hence the lack of content, though I did manage the NaNoWriMo, some how, do you do NaNoWriMo?

        That’s okay, we all write differently.
        As I say, “it matters not, the gage of our perception but more our appreciation”.

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      3. Thank you, I like your appreciation, so are you.
        Look it up, not is an annual novel writing challenge, to complete fifty thousand words in thirty days.
        It is primarily a November challenge, though there are other challenges throughout there year.

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  2. πŸ‘ŒThanks i’m home schooled how about you?I didn’t get home schooled until 6th grade i have been home schooled for almost 2 years!

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    1. Your welcome.
      Yes, I am homeschooled/self-schooled, its good to hear of more homeschooled people.
      What do you think of the home-school life?
      You know, Gracie, at A Light In The Darkness, another one of our homeschooled crew, don’t you?

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      1. Yep i do!I don’t feel comforatable with people who aren’t home schooled on my site because i just seem diffrent except some of them !Here is a list of home schoolers i follow!
        -Hannah crafts of all seasons!
        -Dailysonb he is also 18

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      2. I knew you did, that’s how I found you in the first place!

        I socialise with both, but I know what you mean, though some of my best friends have standard education.

        I follow, Hannah.
        I don’t know Lucy, what’s her blog called?
        I didn’t know Dailysonb, but I now I know of him, I have started to follow him.

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      3. How i feel about it?
        I think is way more fun then setting in a class of people you don’t know also you can have as much help as you need and you don’t have to wait until class is almost over before you can get help!
        I think it is awesome to be home schooled!

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      1. I just read it i love the water i also am not a fan of desserts i love the ocean i hope when i’m older that i will have a house in South Carolina to go every summer!


      1. I love Kentucky though it’s a beautiful place i think!So your British do you think in the revolutionary war England should have won?

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      2. I dare say Kentucky is a lovely place, I would love to explore the states at some point.
        I don’t hold an opinion really, I think it matters not.
        What do you think?


  3. I think like England, but I would love to experience other countries more.

    I try to be politically anonymous, but I do intervene in things that are really important, the UK is in a bit of a political mess right now!

    What do you think of your incredible!! President?


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