A Trampled Torment.

I didn’t get the choices I wanted to take.
I am left alone, left in a terrible state.

I was once priceless, I was a mothers son.
I left without a word and now she is gone.

I never realized it could happen so quickly.
So I wander around, wondering what hit me.

I waltzed right out of their lives.
We could have made things much better.
But I never stopped to realize.
Now she’s gone, I won’t forget her.

Though I need her now, more than ever.
And I might just take myself to meet her.

But that is not going to happen because she is dead.
I always will remember, before I left, what she said.

She said, listen to me, son, where ever you go.
I will be standing right here, waiting for you.

But I went to early.
And left it to late…

I question, A cold sole.
For why he Sold coal.)

A new, welcome paradoxification.

I hope you all like my writings, I recently noticed a few little mistakes in my previous pieces, but I think that they have been rectified, but please let me know if you notice any mistakes, and I would love to hear you general thoughts.

Please, “like” and “comment”.

21 thoughts on “A Trampled Torment.

      1. I have tried to get on to your page but it won’t load, could you send me a link, please.

        I would love to read it.
        By the way, I nominated you as best new blog in Megan’s survey.

        Liked by 1 person

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