A “Brexit” view/review.

Looks good? Make sense?

A view of Britain’s European Exit.

Written by Kerutos, so it can be displayed for the world to scrutinize.

Britain’s European Exit has been misrepresented from the start both intentionally and incidentally. There must be an identifiable and rational procedure to sift the confusion into sense.

To make just and democratic sense of the procedure so far and with a dependable conclusion, we must apply the clear and rational approach which should have been employed initially.

Step 1. Referendum 1.

(The proposal) (Done!)

Since the question had been initiated; hold a plebiscite to determine if a significant number of British citizens consider that Britain would be better off outside of the European Community and if so to run a comprehensive feasibility study to establish the pros, the cons and the mechanism by which to achieve such a radical constitutional revision.

(This step we must say has been carried out although with less comprehensive clarity than the subject warranted.)

Step 2. Feasibility study.

(The review)

Run an extensive study as stipulated and then present the factors and findings to parliament and the people for discussion. It must seriously include the national and international human and social implications of any changes where hitherto emphasis has obscured these responsibilities with purely fiscal gains and losses but where the beast of moral neglect has an unhappy frown and a vengeful stare when unattended.

(This step we may have to accept is nearing completion but with less order or objectivity than the people deserve and parliament needs.)

Step 3. Referendum 2.

(The confirmation)

Having all available facts and opinions at last in hand and in mind and which are not accessible anywhere in history prior to the study, parliament and the people must have the democratic and logically just opportunity to confirm the indication of the initializing vote on this constitutionally historic and effectively irreversible proposal.

(Only this step, can conclude the process, consolidate the purpose, succeed with the outcome and confirm our democratic credentials.)

Many thanks for your urgent attention.


This is a letter that was sent to his local MP.

I hope you readers enjoyed the read, and feel that this message is congruent with recent social and political dilemmas.

Even though this may not affect some of my readers directly due to your residing outside the EU and GB.

May I also note that our excellent writer Kerutos is going to start his own Blog, and when it is created I shall dedicate a post towards it.

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2 thoughts on “A “Brexit” view/review.

  1. Interesting! Brexit has become so complicated, the job of politicians is to run this country to make it the best place to live for the UKs people and yet it has become something messed-up and over-complicated when it’s only purpose is to make society’s better place for everyone, or at least that’s the way it should be. Sorry for the rant!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Gracie, “interesting” is the right word, though the interest seems good for no one!
      And, Gracie, you are quite right, though that was not a rant.
      You should hear Keith and me, shouting in hysteria!


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