A Moral Contradiction.

Thinks. Me thinks we all forage for a slice of recognition, maybe or perhaps not for reconciliation with ones own conscience but for those feeble other conscious beings.
And I shall now bring to you, our humble stupidity.
And numbed with our own arrogance we stride forward, beating the brains of those under beings to better make our own piece of enlightenment and so that others can die for the longevity we strive to create for humanity.

But for what point do we give in, what point are we satisfied with the lives we live around, and those other animals we live off and for but never die for, so now my friends I take you to the sea, its raucous power, how small do you feel under it’s might, it could scorn you at a moments notice, for we small humans, know nothing of its intensity.

Remember we only have a material grasp on our earth, like the many other lings and beings of this world, though often contrary thought some-how gives us undue authority.

So remember our status, both as able to be humane and animal, so welcome to the moral contradiction.

So what do you’s thinks of my social musings?
Please, tell me of your opinions.
And like if you do, and tell me why you don’t if you don’t.

There was a longer version of this, but I narrowed it down for the readers comfort.

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