Consistent coincidence!

It seems a consistent struggle, as crawling from my dreadful blankets of a morn, thank christ I survived the night, but then again if I hadn’t, this wouldn’t happen daily as it does.
Not even the clouds would greet me any more, and the pigeons kept their distance from my secluded begging spot.
Not allowed to sit by Morrison’s any more, guess the manager doesn’t like me, he said I was bad for business, well that’ll work for him!
And as my thoughts scamper on, is there any hope to change my predicament.
Come, please come something to make a change but over time I realise nothing will?

I think this while stretching backwards and flexing my worried sides, remembering the night someone decided to slam a boot against my ribs, I wonder how badly it damaged my chest struts, and for what reason was this vindictive action, if vindictive it may be.
Or perhaps he had just famed new footwear and wanted for something to test, but no time for contemplation, as resume my habitual ritual call of, excuse me, sir, could you spare some change and get ignored once more.

And as night falls the agony sets in and thoughts arise, thoughts of how hungry I feel? And if my tent will still be there?
No more than timeless insecurity, my friends!
And I curse myself, on life long streets where motivation is forbidden, then find my hide and crawl back in and wish it all forgotten, just to start again or maybe not at all, for my presence in insignificant or so it seems.

And I force myself asleep but sleep seldom happens, cause I feel so cold but it goes on, and for many others just the same.
And like many others, my life will be forgotten, and the thought that others suffer ever brings me relief! And by this day till many other, I continue as it goes, until someone finds my frozen body, weeks after my departure, they may shed a tear but its soon forgotten like so many after…

…and life goes on, rapidly spinning out of control.

I hope you all like my writings, please remember to, “like” “comment” and “follow” my works (if you feel the urge to do so).

And feel free to share any opinion you might have, homelessness is a big problem in this country, and I’m sure many other countries suffer from this as well, for whatever reason.

3 thoughts on “Consistent coincidence!

    1. Thank you, Gracie, it was raining outside, so obviously I went for a walk!
      On that walk, I met a homeless person standing in the rain, he was standing in the rain because the manager of Morrison’s told him that he could no longer beg there.
      So that made me think, a little.

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