Part of the cold, how long will she last?

Today I made a very noticeable eight-foot high snow lady for fun and to see what modifications she would endure, still fun.

The original.

Take a look at her after I left for thirty minutes in the elements and for the elephants.P1100164 Some noticeable modifications after Just thirty minutes.

After twenty-four hours.P1100169Now just a pile of snow.

So what have we observed?

Due to its prominent nature, it is likely to gain attention from all angles, as I was making her lots of people stopped, took photos and made comments, comments of encouragement and some witful but not all wise, now if we consider how many people pass by. It is a primary route from local pubs a large local school to local housing estates and is a park used by many dog-walkers.

Do I think bad of people who broke my masterpiece?

No, it is just what they think, what actions they feel appropriate and what actions they think clever or funny. Some take photos, others add masculine appendages and many smash the fucking thing to pieces!

So what do you’s think then?

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